A Story of Hope

Mary Lou's Hope

Puppets For Peace Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping to spread peace, love and joy through "The Littlest Way of Love". We invite you to visit our blog at www.puppets4peace.blogspot.com to learn more on how to follow "The Littlest Way of Love".  It is an inspirational message to help bring peace to all little souls in the entire world. This message was given to Sr. Consolata Betrone.

We are praying for all little souls in the entire world with the help and love from the dear Sisters from the Monastery of the Sacred Heart in Turin Italy.  This was Sr. Consolata Betrone's order.

In 2006, we became a little foundation. It was because of Mary Lou's brain and spinal cord disabilities that this little Puppets For Peace Foundation was created. It was because of Mary Lou's own pain and suffering that God had other plans for her. This message of "The Littlest Way of Love" came out of her own pain and suffering. Love and forgiveness is at the heart of "The Littlest Way of Love". Mary Lou's little friend Lambsocks will continue to help broadcast some little lessons of the beautiful messages to other little souls in the world.  Use our site as a way to share the teachings of "The Littlest Way of Love" to others.  This will give hope to others that are struggling, and to bring happiness to their hearts!  Connect with our online family and help us spread the messages of "The Littlest Way of Love" to the world.  Thank you for stopping by.